Line Seiki RY Series…

Line Seiki RY Series Measuring Counters (Length)

Product Type: Totalizer


Product Type: Totalizer

The RY Series is a rugged and heavy duty length totalizer.  It has an all metal housing with a nice finish.  The RY Series can measure in Meter or Yard in 0.1m(y) or 0.01 m(y) display resolutions.  It is available in 4 or 5 digits with digit size of 6.0mm x 4.0mm.  The unit can be reset by a simple push of the reset button.  It is equipped with 2 measuring wheels for stability and accuracy of measurement.  It counts 1 unit for every 3 revolutions of the measuring wheel upto a maximum count speed of 300 meters(yards)/min.  It has a metal base for sturdy mounting.

Product Applications:

  • Plastic Extrusion:Temperature measurement is critical in minimizing rejects in plastic making.  Accurate length measurement and piece or batch counting is essential to maximize machine investment.
  • Textile Machines:When you need to make accurate length measurements or perform cut-to-length operation. 

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