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FOX Vibration Hour Meter HM-016

Fox Vibration Activated Hour Meter is accumulative counting and non-erasable. It records the actual running time of trailers, motors, equipment and machinery. Used on applications requiring hourly, quarterly or annual preventative maintenance.

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The FOX-HM-016-Black Digital 5 Digit LCD wireless vibration hour meter has 5 digits with a resolution of 0.1 h

1) No External Power Source Required
2) Totally sealed IP67
3) Vibration Activated Detection System
4) Digital with internal lithium battery.
5) Sensitivity adjustment with different mounting position
6) Cut (interrupt) the rear external wire protruding out of the resin, to activate the hour meter
7) Keep the LCD display out of direct sunlight and high heat.

1) No wiring required
2) Surface mount on any equipment that produces vibration when operating
3) IP67 waterproof for any external application
4) Tamper proof – cannot reset the vibration hour meter. Epoxy sealed.
5) Display is always on
6) Hour glass as running indicator.

Measure the running hours of any application that produces vibration when moving or in operation, including Microlights, Marine Engines – Inboards and Outboard Pumps, Generators, Mower, Model Boats, Motor Cycles, Scooters, Quads, Farming machinery, mining equipment, industrial applications, motors and pumps, Trucks, Cleaners, Chainsaws, compactors and Construction machines and equipment.

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