Fox HM002 Mechanical AC/DC…


Fox HM002 Mechanical AC/DC Hour Meter (2 Hole)

100-250V AC, 10-80v DC

This can be used on all engine and machines with AC or DC power.

It is the ideal counter for any application that requires reliable time keeping

and service maintenance schedule’s in a small space such as garden devices,

agriculture equipment, industrial machinery.

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The FOX-HM-002-AC/DC is a 100-250v AC, 6-80v DC hour meter with mechanical digits, in a sealed non-reset panel mount enclosure, that will accumulate total running hours of a vehicle, machine or device when it receives the AC / DC voltage signal.

1) Will accumulate hours when the DC power signal is applied.
2) Non-Reset
3) Resolution to 0.1h
4) 6 digit 99999.9h
5) Panel cut-out 25 x 38mm
6) Depth 60mm (excluding spade terminals)
7) 100-250v AC, 6-80vDC

1) Simply to use – the mechanical digits will always be visible
2) Tamper proof and non-reset
3) -40 to +80C operating and storage temperature
4) Polarity + – with spade connectors
5) Face Mount 2-Hole with additional Snap in Panel Mount clip

The Mechanical hour meter is used for accumulating running hours in AC, DC powered equipment such as fork lifts, golf carts, floor care equipment, and any other battery or AC, DC powered equipment, including equipment used in the mining, farming and construction industries.




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