Fox Digital Length Counter…


Fox Digital Length Counter +2 Wheels

  • 6 Digit,  Digital LED Length Counter
  • Range: 0-999.999 Meters
  • Ratio 1:3
  • Counter + 2 Wheels
  • 220v AC



The Fox Length Meter Digital Red LED counter FOX-LMC-3 measures the length of an item in meters, and is supplied with 2x 96.5mm diameter measuring wheels. The counter and can measure up to 999.999 meters (1000m) with a resolution of 1cm, and can also work with one wheel, either on the left or right shaft of the counter. Supply power is 220vAC.
– With reset button on the bottom right side of the counter.
– Rotation Ratio is internally calculated in relationship to the size of the supplied measuring wheels. Will not work with wheels of another diameter.
– Bidirectional Counting
– Counts Range: 0 to 999.999 m (1000m)
– Max speed 350 RPM
– Weight 540 gr
– Wheel width +-12 mm
– Right-hand digit remains at zero. Counts in cm (resolution is 1cm)
– Packed weight 540g
– Power supply 220v AC

– High Quality
– Good Plastic Structure for the counter
– Supplied with 2 wheels for best stability and accuracy of measurement.
– Wheels coated with non-slip rubber
– Memory retention after power interruption
– Bright clear Red LED 10mm display digits visible from a distance

The electronic counter is designed to control and measure the length of: wire, fishing line, wire, fabric, film, textile, rope, cables, cable, furniture edge, metal strip, canvas and other materials.
The meter has two wheels made of plastic and covered with a wear-resistant rubber coating to ensure good contact with the measured surface. When measuring cables, wires, fishing line, it is enough to use one wheel (the second can be dismantled), both measuring wheels are installed on the common shaft of the meter. It is recommended to use a pair of wheels when measuring various webs, fabrics, films, paper to ensure better contact with the surface.

What’s in the box
1 x Counter
2 x Wheels

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