Face Masks 50 Pack…


Face Masks 50 Pack Soft High Quality Low Cost Medical 3 Ply Disposable PPE



Face Masks Low Cost, Soft High & Quality Medical – 3 Ply Disposable (Packs of 50 Masks)

Our masks are soft, comfortable and do not scratch your skin.
Adjustable wire nose piece for a perfect fit and very breathable.
High Quality Low Cost PPE

Our DXL-M4 Disposable Personal protection 3-Ply face masks are imported directly from factories in China, and conform to the latest export standards and requirements set out by the Chinese Customs authority. They have an outer fluid resistant layer and a melt-blown filter cloth.

We are provided certification documents from the supplier that ensure safety and quality control standards are met. These documents include the EN149 standards certificate, Chinese customs clearance and full test reports on each batch.

We also test and inspect samples from each batch to ensure quality control after arrival.

See attached PDF – Genuine or Fake

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