CEDES OptiLink - Safety…

CEDES OptiLink – Safety tool

Diagnosis for Safe4 / Safe2+ and  Safe200 /Safe400 and Object100 light curtains


Diagnosis for Safe4 / Safe2+ and  Safe200 /Safe400 and Object100 light curtains

OptiLink is an optical interface between CEDES devices and the USB interface of a PC.

Whether employed for diagnosis or other technical applications, OptiLink registers all light curtain events and statistically evaluates these immediately on request with spread sheet programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel).

OptiLink consists of a sensor head and a dongle. The sensor head acts as a transceiver with an infrared LED, for transmitting data, and a receiver. Signals are decoded in the dongle and prepared for the PC USB interface. The sensor head can be simply attached to the unit with a suction cup for short-term measurements. A Velcro belt is provided with the OptiLink for securing it firmly during long-term measurements. A link between the light curtain and your PC can be established within a few seconds.


Key Features:

– optical interface between CEDES safety products and an USB interface
– sturdy and compact design
– practical connections to light curtains and PC
– display of data transmission and power supply
– state-of-the-art technology
– service-free, inexpensive


Application areas:
– diagnosis for Safe4, Safe2+, Safe200, Safe400 and Object100
– long-term monitoring for Safe2+ and Safe4
– system tests during initial operation of production systems
– fault finding for complex systems
– Configuration and diagnosis for SafeC 200 / SafeC 400 / SafeCIS3 safety relay
  and many more

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