Fox AMV-1600 Electronic Digital Hand Tally Counter

Fox Electronic Digital Hand Tally Counters

These are electronic versions of the popular Hand Tally counter available with a choice of Add only or Add/Subtract feature. The counter is manufactured from impact-resistant plastic, combining lightweight with outstanding durability. Perfect for inventory control, attendance, and traffic analysis, in medical researches, churches and sporting events and can be use as an industrial counter.



                (TCDIGITA)                                (TCDIGITB)



Reset Counters for sports events and to judge an athletic performance. They can also be use for the applications like inventory control, attendance, and traffic analysis, in medical researches and as an industrial counter.


Key Feautres:

  • Add or Add/Subtract Models – Press the “+” button to Add, Press the “-” button to subtract

  • Beep at every count with the option of switching the sound off for silent operation

  • Cannot accidentally reset or turn off; On/Off/Reset button must be held down for 3 seconds to reset

  • Long life replaceable battery

  • Large LCD display & large rubber buttons for comfort of use

  • Light weight ergonomically designed for ease of use and carrying cord